Tezlom Benefits

At Tezlom, we believe that hard work should never go unnoticed or unrewarded, which is why we offer a whole list of fantastic benefits to our Tezlom employees, as a thank you for being the conscientious, caring people that they are.

If you choose to join us either in our Head Office or as an agency worker, you’ll receive all the following year-round benefits too:

  • Our commitment to your Mental Health at work – because we take pride in looking after our people, we have an open-door policy for everyone at Tezlom to come share any home or work-related problems that are causing you stress, anxiety or pain. And when you come to us, we will endeavour to help you resolve those issues by providing you with the correct support and guidance. We also offer year-round support to our staff by hosting mental health sessions. In which we discuss the common mental health risks that you may be more susceptible to as someone working in the care industry, and ways in which you can mitigate them.

  • Training opportunities – As a member of the Tezlom family, you will always have the opportunity to upskill yourself using our expert training provisions. At a minimum, you will receive FREE, award winning Basic Life Support training and Mandatory training which will help you to provide the best care possible to our clients.

  • Flexibility – We cater to both our clients and staff members’ needs by offering flexible service and hours. We offer hours during the day, evenings, weekends and bank holidays, so you can plan your work around what’s important to you – like family and downtime. And because we offer round-the-clock support for our clients and agency workers, you’ll always have the information you need on time (about shifts or changes for example).

  • Career development – Alongside routine training support, as a Tezlom member, you will also have opportunities to progress in your career using our on-going staff development programme, which offers qualification opportunities and free specialised online training courses.

  • Dedicated support – From the moment you join us, you’ll have access to our supportive team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And before your first shift with us, you’ll get a friendly welcome call and induction from our Bookings team, your own Tezlom ID Badge and time-sheets.

  • Make a real difference – “Building strong and trusting relationships with those you care for is one of the most rewarding parts of your job as a care professional.” - Our clients enable people to keep living as independently and comfortably as possible, and you play a major role in them being able to do that. By caring for people in a friendly and attentive way, and by listening to their needs and supporting their bespoke care plan, you will be offering both the companionship and practical help they need, which contributes massively to their quality of life.

As well as the above benefits, you'll also receive access to the following:

Blue Light Card

The Blue Light Card is a nationwide discount card that is available to people working within Health & Social Care and the NHS. This card provides access to hundreds of discounts on a wide range of products from holidays, cars, days out and fashion, to gifts, insurance, phones, and many more.

Gift Vouchers

At Tezlom, we offer a 'refer a friend' scheme to all our staff as we appreciate referrals and our staff spreading the Tezlom word. At Tezlom, we like to constantly show our staff how much we appreciate their continued hard work and loyalty.