In a nutshell, we specialise in the recruitment of Care Assistants, Support Workers and Registered Nurses. And what started out as a small, family-run business, has now grown into an established franchise that serves some of the UK’s largest, most renowned care providers such as NHS Hospitals, EMI Homes, Mental Health Hospitals, Learning Disability Units and more. 

Our name represents our family origins and our 6 core pillars which keep us close, working together as one tight-knit community of people who care.


Our first brand pillar is Transparency, whether that’s with our staff, franchisee’s or candidates. We keep our staff involved with the development and direction of the company to create a tight-knit, integrated and harmonious workplace. We maintain an open and honest approach with our franchisee’s to ensure their business thrives and succeeds. When it comes to our candidates we keep them informed and up to date, disclosing as much information to them as possible. We must look after them at every stage of their application process, granting them as much clarity as possible and building trust from the offset.


We firmly believe that everyone deserves a chance and this is a core mantra that we adopt every day. We understand that everyone should be treated in an equal and fair way, free from prejudice and preference, regardless of circumstance. This ideal is upheld by everyone who represents the Tezlom brand in every interaction we have. Both as individuals and as a brand we need to be empathetic in every situation.


We pride ourselves on our dedicated and zealous nature, always offering a helping hand where we can just to make someone's life that little bit easier. Whether we are helping a candidate through their application process, assisting our franchisee’s with their operation or supporting our colleagues through tough times, we are always cultivating an environment for success and happiness.


Loyalty is a value that we hold close to our hearts. The very fabric of the brand is built on family, and this is a core value that we instil in everyone across the business, whether they are an employee or a customer. When times get hard, we are there for those around us to pick them up, dust them off and point them back down the right road.


One thing that separates us from our competitors is that we truly care about people. We invest time and effort into our people, recognising that every individual requires something different in order to develop and succeed. We consistently strive to offer an environment that encourages growth and prosperity, empowering our staff, franchisee’s and candidates to overcome obstacles, accomplish goals to truly make a difference.


We understand that everything we do as an individual or as a brand needs to be motivated by a reason, because without the ‘why’ our time and energy are wasted. We make it common practice setting concise yet achievable goals both as a team and also as individuals that make us strive to be that little bit better than we were yesterday.

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