Doncaster Office
Welcome to the official Tezlom Doncaster office. Here you will find information about our team, where we are currently recruiting and how to apply for a position with ourselves.
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Meet The Team

Welcome to Tezlom Doncaster!

Tezlom Doncaster are able to offer a personal touch to your service – ensuring that you only ever deal with one or two key contacts. We pride ourselves on our ability to find temporary and permanent positions, whether you are a healthcare worker who is looking for better prospects, or a healthcare unit that requires a short notice staffing contingent, we are here to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Lesley Jackson


Before joining Tezlom, I worked in senior leadership roles within the charity sector, most recently as CEO of a regional music development charity.

I’m also a Trustee/Treasurer of DHYP, a Doncaster-based charity that supports young people at risk of homelessness.

When my daughter, Rebekah, and I opened Tezlom Doncaster in 2021, we couldn’t have imagined how much of an impact we’d have, leading an amazing army of experienced and caring workers who help us support our clients, and positively impact Doncaster.  

Rebekah Lloyd

Head of Operations

Before my mother, Lesely, and I opened Tezlom Doncaster, I’d been working for the Prison Service, and was ready for a change, and a new challenge.

My previous careers within both the NHS and the Ministry of Justice, have given me an understanding of working with people from all walks of life.

Empathy and transparency are incredibly important values to me and have become core to how we’re working here at Tezlom Doncaster within the care sector.



Business Development

I love being part of a caring team! I have over 20 years of experience working in administration, which included spending several years within the NHS. Care really is at my core.

As Recruitment Coordinator for Tezlom Doncaster, I’m responsible for processing applications, organising and conducting interviews, and ensuring applicants reach full compliance.

I love helping our workers discover their sense of purpose, through the kindness and compassion they show to the people of Doncaster and surrounding areas.

All About Tezlom Doncaster

Where Empathy Meets Expertise In Recruiting Nurses, Care Assistants, and Support Workers For Diverse Healthcare Services In Doncaster.

Apply Online

Tezlom Doncaster specialises in the recruitment of Nurses, Care Assistants, Adult and Child Support Workers. We supply to many different servcies including Residential Homes, Care Homes, Nursing Homes, EMI Care Homes, Hospitals, SEN Schools, Children’s Residential Services, Learning Disability Centers and Mental Health services. Tezlom Doncaster offer flexible working so whether you’re looking for up to full time flexible hours or just 1-2 extra shifts a week – the choice is yours.

Compliance Process

Throughout your application process, our compliance team will be on hand to help you become compliant to work with us. Whilst you continue to work with Tezlom Doncaster, some of your documents will need renewing annually, again our compliance team will contact you when a document is about to expire and support you through any required updates so that you’re always compliant to work and don’t miss out on any shifts.