Join us in this enlightening interview as we sit down with Harminda, a dedicated Care Assistant at Tezlom Nottingham, who is on an incredible journey towards becoming a doctor. Discover key benefits of working for a healthcare agency and the invaluable experiences gained along the way. #1: Diverse Skill Development Harminda shares her first hand experience on how working for a healthcare agency like Tezlom has allowed her to develop a wide range of skills. From patient care and communication to teamwork and problem-solving, she highlights the diverse skill set that comes with being a care assistant. These skills not only enhance her current role but also lay a strong foundation for her future in medicine. #2: Flexible Learning Opportunities In the interview, Harminda discusses the flexibility that a healthcare agency provides for individuals pursuing further education. As a dedicated student working towards becoming a doctor, she explains how the agency accommodates her academic commitments. Discover how this flexibility allows her to seamlessly balance her studies and gain valuable real-world experience in the healthcare field. #3: Exposure to Healthcare Dynamics Harminda delves into the unique advantage of being part of a healthcare agency—exposure to various healthcare settings and dynamics. From home care to assisted living facilities, she shares how the agency has exposed her to different aspects of healthcare, broadening her understanding of the industry. This exposure not only enriches her professional journey but also contributes to her evolving perspective as a future healthcare professional. Harminda’s inspiring journey from Care Assistant to aspiring doctor is a testament to the transformative experiences that working for a healthcare agency can offer. Her dedication, passion, and commitment to both her current role and future aspirations are sure to motivate and inspire those considering a career in healthcare.

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